So I had a moment to get a photo of the motor. According to this, it’s capable of 1.0 horsepower when used with an SCR type controller and fed 90 Volts DC. However, if you have a PWM type controller, you can feed it 115 Volts DC and its maximum continuous output is 1.25 horsepower. The general rule of thumb when comparing electric HP to gas HP is a 5:1 ratio (5 gas HP = 1 electric HP). The reason for this is that gas engines are rated by PEAK power, whereas electric motor are rated by CONTINUOUS power. So, the 1.25 HP with PWM comes out to *roughly* 6.25 gas HP. The go-kart originally had a 6.5 HP engine on it – should be perfect!

I hope this is enough to get started with...

The label on the motor from my "freecycled" treadmill.