There are four of us who will be involved in the project of building this EV. Last night, three of us – Scott, Cory, and myself – managed to get together for a little bit and dig in.

We managed to get all of the electronics off of the treadmill. The motor I had previously taken out; however, the controller(s) and power supply were still attached. With everything yanked out, we took stock.

Power came in from the AC wall outlet to the power supply, which made DC for the user interface board and the SCR motor controller. Our goal was to determine if the SCR board ran on straight DC, and if we could power it directly from a battery. Yes it does! No, we can’t use it! A total bummer, but it was nice to spend time in good company not worried about life, school, or other concerns.

SCR works by chopping up the sine waveform of AC power and feeding on portions of the wave to the motor. DC doesn’t have waves like AC does, so it didn’t work when it was plugged in on battery only. So now, we’re still in search of another treadmill that has a PWM controller. PWM functions by turning on and off the DC power (called a Pulse) and adjusting (modulating) how long the power is on for (width). Once we have one of those in our possession, we’ll be able to make REAL progress.