While I didn’t get any major pictures of taking it apart, there also wasn’t much to see. The frame has been scrapped; The controller, charger, and wires are separated, and the motor has been split from the transaxle. Interestingly, the motor wasn’t directly connected to the input shaft on the transaxle. It had a planetary gearset residing between the input shaft of the transaxle and the output shaft of the motor. I’ll have to dive more into that later, but I believe it to be there as a speed reduction gear.
The controller is the part that truly interested me. Opening it up, led to this wonderful quality cell-phone picture:

Gotta love Made in USA!

So, I’ve got a Curtis 1208 – that’s GREAT, except that I can’t find hardly any information about it – Curtis’ site doesn’t even list it, so it has to be a direct OEM only part. I did eventually manage to find a manual for a 1208C, but I’m not sure how that compares to this. Either way, it looks like it’s a 12V-36V input, with a continuous rating of 55A. Peak is 75A, for 30 seconds. It has reverse, possibly even regenerative braking at 2 amps!

Can’t wait to really get to play with it!