Good Morning! It’s been a long, looooong hiatus for me. I’m not dead, and neither is this project – quite the contrary! I’ve just been both super busy and out of the loop for a while.

However, there is now progress to report! On Saturday, I went out to the family machine shop and my cousins and I pulled the engine out of the donor car – a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta. It was running when it was parked last fall, but winter and critters got to some of the wiring. No big deal, we won’t be using  most of it anyway!

My photos didn’t come out as nice as I had hoped. It’s hard to try and take good photos with a point-and-shoot in a dark-ish area when you’re trying not to get the camera dirty. We did have some trouble, but most everything came out pretty clean. The car is all askew in the last photo due to a bad tire, the fact that it’s not sitting level, and that there’s practically no weight over the front wheel. It may be kind of a beater, but it was free – and even now I smile when I look at the picture and think “This is MY OWN electric car.”

Photos by Jeff Haskell, Aug 13, 2011

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