So I ended  up running to the grocery store on Friday. It so happens that the local GM dealer is across the street – and I was shocked to see the following sight:

A Volt! Here, in little old Berwick, population ~12,000. GM must be really trying to get them out, if a small town like mine has a demo unit, either they’ve got lots of spares running around, or they’re really hurting for sales.

So Saturday I get some free time, and take it for a spin. WAHOO! It was great to feel the rush of EV power. Very quiet, just a few “spaceship noises” – gentle electric whines and a few whirrs. The center console is a little odd – it was gloss white; seemed a little out of place.

I tried to use mountain mode to force the gas engine to fire up, but no luck – I must not have driven it far/hard enough. Just a little jaunt around town, I did 3.2 miles on 0.8 kWh. That works out to 4.0 miles/kWh even; 250 Wh/mile. I could have done a little better had I taken more time or if I had been gentler on it – but where’s the fun in that on a test drive? 😀

I think that with some time and experience, it can EASILY be pushed far beyond the 40 miles quoted EV range. I’ve heard from folks that have done 60-70 miles electric range. I think that $32,000 would be a better price point, but I’m just one guy. If you live in the Berwick area, I suggest you go check it out if for no other reason than to get the “EV Grin” – there’s no feeling like stepping on the accelerator and feeling all that power coming on instantly – with no roar of exhaust to go along with it.