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RT @300mpgben: One whole summer of converting a car to electric, condensed down to easy-to-watch short videos. via @YouTube #ev


Ben is an awesome guy to talk to. He’s certainly inspired me, and his work is amazing.


As a big fan of XKCD, I have to share this with everyone else out there. I don’t have the coding experience to do this kind of thing for myself, so here is a fellow XKCD lover’s take on it.'s Blog

Today’s xkcd comic has probably the largest comic frame ever drawn. You can explore it via clicking and dragging, as the title suggests. It is so large, that it takes a really long time to go through it. So I decided to create an overview map, to aid you in navigation.

This is what I did:
I figured out, that the map pieces follow the URL pattern[n|s]Y[e|w].png,

where n, s, e, w are characters to select the quadrant, and X and Y are positive integers (>=1) with no zero padding. The images are each 2048×2048 pixels in size and are arranged in an orthogonal grid.

The bounds can be found in the JavaScript file

var size=[14, 48, 25, 33];

These are the bounds of [n, e, s, w] respectively, however, I did only find images for [13, 48, 19, 33], a little bit less in the n-s…

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