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So I finally picked this up to play with and get working. It’s been sitting at my pastor’s house unused, unworking for a while now. I’m hoping to use it to sandblast and re-finish the staircase in my house, as well as help with the Jetta conversion. What, you may ask? It’s a rotary screw type air compressor. They’re known for massive quantities of flow (this one will probably do 12-16 SCFM @ 150 PSI) as well as for being very quiet compared to a piston-type compressor.

Problem is, I’ve never worked on refurbishing a rotary screw air compressor before, and there’s no nameplate on this one. I know WHAT it is, but not who made it or how old. If you can help ID it, or know someone that might, PLEASE share this with them!

I was told that it originally had a 5 HP single-phase 230V AC motor on it. The coupler for the motor appears to be a lovejoy connector. I’ve got a 3 or 5 HP in my basement that needs re-wired that’ll work fine for testing it. I just don’t have any diagrams or manufacturer repair manual to go from to start checking connections, wiring, and piping. Hopefully I can get some more (and better) photos in short order, but this is what I could grab this morning.


So I’m looking at ordering hard drives, and I see that the one in my laptop (only 128 GB) is pretty full up. I tell my wife I’m going to order one to put in here for more space, as I don’t need the speed so much (I don’t use this computer very often or very hard; longer load times won’t really be noticed). The following conversation ensued:

“Didn’t you just put that high-speed drive in there?”

“Yeah, but it’d be better elsewhere and I need more space here. So I’ll swap the bigger one here, and move the fast one to another computer. Hard drives are kind of communal property; they tend to circulate to whichever computer can use them best.”

“Ah. So hard drives really are whores, then.”

“Ummmmmm…lolwut?” I was totally confused on how she got there. It seemed pretty random to me. Then she explained:

“Well, think about it. First off, they get shared by everybody. Secondly, they often times end up with viruses. And a lot of times, they got those viruses from porn.”


I died. Logic like that? Bulletproof.



I moved some wires in my basement. Ended up increasing my download speed from 11 Mbps to what you see here. Now, if only I could get my upload running faster…

Side note: I also happen to like Paul Oakenfold. 🙂