There’s a small shop on my route home from work that fixes welding equipment. High end and large scale welders often use some electronics that we are looking for as part of the controller we are building – IGBTs. I had a few minutes, so I stopped in to ask if they had any trash equipment I might be able to scrounge one from.

I got a LOT more than I bargained for.

When I asked the fellow there if they had any trash equipment that I might be able to salvage an IGBT out of, the first thing he asked me blew my mind:

“You’re not using them to build singing Tesla coils, are you?”

My brain promptly went into overdrive and shut down. Another Tesla Coiler?! Seriously?

Turns out, one of the other guys that works there uses parts from welders and builds Tesla coils. Not only that, but he has a “singing” one – just like you could see in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” if you saw the film. I was given a card and a YouTube channel to check out. I left them with Scott’s YouTube channel.

Even though this place is on my way to work, the guy himself lives in Kingston – even closer to home! Now, it looks like we’ll all be getting together for some major coiling fun!

With that, here’s his Tesla coil playing “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”