I’m alive! I’m here! Welcome back all. Not much has happened due to new jobs, home remodeling, and paying bills. The Jetta has been re-arranged in the garage, and the go-kart has been moved to a more accessible location. Hopefully from here on things will pick up – albeit slowly.

The current (heh) situation of the go-kart is this: The controller from the mobility scooter is strapped up and working. It’s 24V, 50 amp continuous, with a 30 second 75 amp peak. The motor is rated for 1.25 HP at 120VDC. Drive sprocket was 14 tooth, connected to a 60 tooth axle sprocket. This gave a drive ratio of ~4.286:1, and no usable speed (kart moved, but only if no one was sitting in it.

I’ve found a 10-tooth drive sprocket, but have to get the center bore enlarged. That’ll increase the ratio to 6:1, which will boost torque by 40%, even though it’ll reduce our top speed by 27%.

With any luck, I’ll be able to get the 10 tooth sprocket machined this weekend and maybe be able to test it out on Monday or Tuesday.

The throttle needs some sort of permanent mounting, but I haven’t figured that out yet.